We are delighted to announce the first small step in our journey to a zero-emissions fleet with the launch of our brand new Tesla service. 

Arrow Cars is taking the climate emergency seriously and from March this year we will be able to offer our customers a fully electric corporate travel service. 

The service will launch in Leeds at the end of March this year and at our Bristol Airport site in June. 

Q1 2021 will see a further extension of the rollout in Leeds and Bristol along with the launch of the service into Birmingham and Newcastle.



We believe in investing and improving and sustainability is at the top of our agenda for 2020.

We are committed to the ongoing sustainability and future-proofing of our communities.

Our electric vehicle offering to our customers and our drivers has become one of our main objectives for 2020.


You can rest easy knowing our drivers will be well presented, professional and courteous at all times.

Arrow is proud to transport over 3 million people each year.

Our extensive and stylish Tesla vehicles will provide the First Class Experience and ensure you are transported safely and in style.  

Immerse yourself in a brand new Tesla driven by a smart professional driver.


For more information please email us at gotesla@arrowcars.co.uk or enter your details below and one of our team will be in touch.