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Get a quote or book your journey


Investing in passenger safety. SAFE journeys, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Your safety begins with our safe drivers.

Your well-being is taken care of even before you book a ride. Our drivers go through stringent checks and training to ensure you are in safe hands.

We do driver checks, driver training, driver verification which includes background checks as well as vehicle checks to ensure the vehicle you’re in is in tip top condition.

We are the only Private Hire company to put our drivers through enhanced background security checks over and above the standard.

Driver Connect: An easy way to contact your driver

Driver Connect provides seamless two-way communication between you and your driver. You’re automatically sent the driver’s details and are able to chat with your driver securely on a withheld number. All our calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

We provide you with the driver’s name, license plate and vehicle information.

We also ensure that customers can track their vehicle in real time, online, via our app and with SMS, with the ability to share this information with family and friends.

Sharing your journey with family and friends.

Share your journey with loved ones and allow them to follow your whereabouts  with Arrow. Our SHARE MY RIDE feature lets customers track their car in real time, online, via our app and with SMS.

After your journey

Call us if you need anything. Our Call Centre is open 24/7 so call us and speak to one of our friendly customer support agents, anytime. We want to look after your requirements every step of the way, before and after you travel.

Our fleet is fully insured and maintained to the highest standards and all vehicles are licensed by the relevant councils.

Call us, email us and write us a review. Driver ratings are also important for us to better our service, so do remember to rate them after your ride.

Our drivers are well prepared and ready for any situation that may arise which is why they go through First Aid, safeguarding and dementia awareness training so you are sure to be taken care of.

Take a journey through all the safety measures Arrow provides to ensure you get peace of mind when riding with Arrow Cars.